The Regional Center for the Development of Bicycle Tourism has been opened

The Regional Center for the Development of Bicycle Tourism has been opened

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Provincial Finance Secretary Smiljka Jovanovic participated in a promotional conference on the occasion of the opening of the Regional Center for the Development of Cyclotourism – the first center of its kind in Serbia, located at the very border with Romania near Srpska Crnja.

In this way, the completion of a project funded from EU funds through the cross-border cooperation program Serbia – Romania is marked, with the realization supported by a provincial budget of close to 50 thousand euros, or 92 percent of funds that, as their own participation, should be provided by partners from Serbia.

Provincial Finance Secretary Smiljka Jovanovic emphasized that AP Vojvodina provides support in the use of funds from available EU funds through three mechanisms, with the aim of the provincial budget to be the backbone of financial support for project bearers financed by the EU in the territory of the AP Vojvodina, especially when the issue is less developed municipalities.

  • The provincial government cares for the development of all municipalities and, especially, as it is seen on the example of the municipality of Nova Crnja, to provide support to less developed local governments, which provide the maximum amount of funds that can be awarded by public tender. By increasing the limit from four million to six million dinars, the Municipality of Nova Crnja was given the opportunity to provide funds for co-financing and the regional center for advanced laser therapy in ophthalmology at the competition of the Provincial Finance Ministry – said Smiljka Jovanovic.

The project called “Tour de Banat”, whose total value is close to 536 thousand euros, has gathered three partners, Nova Crnja municipality as the project bearer, the municipality of Žombolj (Romania) and the Regional Center for Socio-Economic Development Banat, about a common idea to contribute sustainable economic development of the region, through strengthening of cross-border tourist offer and creation of conditions for the development of cyclotourism.